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> I agree that NGO \= non-profit, but non-profit also \= charitable  
> organization.

Right. Where do we fit an organisation like the W3C, which *technically*  
isn't a formal organisation at all, but an agreement among various players?

Also, we seem to be heavily focused on political players. While we have  
sporting clubs (some of which are non-profit, some of which are definitely  
for profit) we don't seem to have a more general category for  
"recreational groups" - some of which are officially registered, and some  
of which are not.

The Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit - but they produce products, have  
C*Os and multi-million-dollar marketing departments and customers who are  
not really part of the organisation in any meaningful sense. But the  
Dachshund club of Finland isn't a sporting organisation, isn't primarily  
"charitable" (without suggesting that its members are not kind and  
charitable people), isn't a religion...

What is

I'm sorry, I don't yet have suggestions for answers. But it seems to me  
that the answers we have already codified in only work for a  
handful of the questions we should be asking.



> Depending on the country, NGO's and non-profits are divided differently.  
> This Wikipedia article gives an idea of the enormity of this category:
> (I had no idea that BINGO, TANGO, BONGO and DONGO, etc., existed!)
> One could create a few high level divisions and use productOntology for  
> details if needed, although many types here do not (yet) have Wikipedia  
> pages of their own.
> kc
> On 7/6/13 4:12 AM, Web Schemas TF Issue Tracker wrote:
>> webschema-ISSUE-23 (danbri): No Organization subtype for Non-Profit
>> Raised by: Dan Brickley
>> On product:
>> Julie Setbon asks, "Under what would a  
>> non-profit group fall under ? An NGO is a non-governmental organization  
>> which to me is not the same as an independent 503 tax exempt or other  
>> non-profit grass roots movement."

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