Re: CFP: Data In Web Search (DISH) Workshop - 13th May 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Just to let you know, the Workshop papers deadline is extended until
March 4th 2013. Please don't ask me what time of day on March 4th!

On 9 January 2013 18:22, Dan Brickley <> wrote:
> [I don't often crosspost to 3 W3C lists, but I think this will be an
> important event and hope to see some of you there... --Dan]
> CFP: Data In Web Search (DISH) Workshop - 13th May 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
>  Workshop: <>
>  Conference: <>
> This WWW2013 Workshop focuses on new approaches to using structured
> data for improving Web search. Most Web documents and queries are
> about entities and the relationships between them, i.e., structured
> data with documented semantics. However, popular search engines have
> historically ignored structured data, instead relying on techniques
> that model the document and queries as a bag of words.
> Recent developments, most notably the dramatic increase in the use of
> structured data markup on web pages have lead to substantial interest
> from mainstream search engines. However, we are  still in the very
> early stages in the evolution of how search engines use this
> structured data. Most of the current work is focussed on searching
> databases of facts about entities and presenting them either alongside
> the search results, or on annotating search results with additional
> data. The core problems of utilizing knowledge about entities for
> improving the ranking of documents, helping set the user context, etc.
> are still largely   unexplored territories.
> While the use of structured data is still limited in Web search
> engines, active research in this direction can be observed in many
> communities. Most notably, there is a broad range of solutions
> proposed by IR, database, and Semantic Web researchers for exploiting
> structured data for various search tasks. The goal of this Workshop is
> to bring these communities together to focus on the central question
> of how to make these solutions applicable to Web search engines. The
> central theme of the workshop is to explore new and novel ways for
> exploiting explicit representations of entities and the relationships
> between them to improve Web search.
> Important Dates
> Workshop proceedings will be published through the ACM Digital
> Library, with associated tight production deadlines:
>  * February 23rd 2013: Workshop paper deadline
>  * March 13th 2013: Workshop paper notifications
>  * April 2nd 2013: Workshop paper final copy
>  * WWW2013 Conference: May 13-17th 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
>  * Workshop day: May 13th 2013.
>  Topics
> Three main directions of semantic search have emerged. The first is
> the use of structured data to augment traditional web search results
> and the search results page. The second is to use the structured data
> to directly deliver results to search requests and to answer
> questions. The third is to use knowledge about a domain to affect
> ranking of results. This workshop targets all these directions of
> semantic document retrieval and semantic data retrieval but puts
> special emphasis on the web search context. Possible topics for
> submission include, but are not limited to:
>   * Structured data for Web document retrieval
>   * Entity/relation aware document and query models
>   * Entity/relation aware matching and ranking
>   * Use of structured data for building vertical search engines
>   * Web data retrieval
>   * Searching structured data with textual queries
>   * Novel applications of structured data to augment search results
>   * Evaluation methodologies
>  Submissions
> Workshop papers should be submitted by Feb 23rd 2013 using EasyChair
> (we are 'dish2013' there), see
> <>
> The organizers can be contacted at dish-workshop
> in case of technical issues with the
> submission process. Due to the tight schedule, please don't ask for
> extensions!
> Organization
> We invite posters and papers of max. 6 pages presenting new ideas
> for how structured data can be used in search, preferably with working
> demos. Accepted papers will be published as part of the International
> Conference Proceedings Series (ICPS) of the ACM Digital Library.
> We plan to accept 8-12 papers and organize a full day event, roughly
> half devoted to each of the two approaches. Each session will have a
> significant time set aside for discussion. There will also be a poster
> session. Attendance will be open to the public (via WWW2013 Workshops
> registration <>). We plan to have one
> or two invited talks.
> Advisory Board
> * Krisztian Balog, NTNU, Norway
> * Charlie Jiang, Bing, USA
> * Steve Macbeth, Bing, USA
> * Pavel Serdyukov, Yandex, Russia
> * Alexander Shubin, Yandex, Russia
> * Arjen P. de Vries, Delft University of Technology, Holland
>   Program Committee (in progress - awaiting confirmations)
> * Vineet Gupta, Google, USA
> * Alon Halevy, Google, USA
> * Edgar Meij, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
> * Eric Miller, Zepheira, USA
> * Libby Miller, BBC R&D, UK
> * Srikant Ramakrishnan, Google, USA
> * Gerhard Weikum, Max-Planck Institute, Germany
> * ...
>   Contact:
> See also previous workshops in the SemSearch series (2008-2011) and
> the JIWES 2012 workshop.
> <>
> <>
> For more on the location, see

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