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Re: CFP: Data In Web Search (DISH) Workshop - 13th May 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

From: Dan Brickley <danbri@danbri.org>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2013 14:31:53 +0000
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Just to let you know, the Workshop papers deadline is extended until
March 4th 2013. Please don't ask me what time of day on March 4th!

On 9 January 2013 18:22, Dan Brickley <danbri@danbri.org> wrote:
> [I don't often crosspost to 3 W3C lists, but I think this will be an
> important event and hope to see some of you there... --Dan]
> CFP: Data In Web Search (DISH) Workshop - 13th May 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
>  Workshop: <http://dish2013.foaf-project.org/>
>  Conference: <http://www2013.org/>
> This WWW2013 Workshop focuses on new approaches to using structured
> data for improving Web search. Most Web documents and queries are
> about entities and the relationships between them, i.e., structured
> data with documented semantics. However, popular search engines have
> historically ignored structured data, instead relying on techniques
> that model the document and queries as a bag of words.
> Recent developments, most notably the dramatic increase in the use of
> structured data markup on web pages have lead to substantial interest
> from mainstream search engines. However, we are  still in the very
> early stages in the evolution of how search engines use this
> structured data. Most of the current work is focussed on searching
> databases of facts about entities and presenting them either alongside
> the search results, or on annotating search results with additional
> data. The core problems of utilizing knowledge about entities for
> improving the ranking of documents, helping set the user context, etc.
> are still largely   unexplored territories.
> While the use of structured data is still limited in Web search
> engines, active research in this direction can be observed in many
> communities. Most notably, there is a broad range of solutions
> proposed by IR, database, and Semantic Web researchers for exploiting
> structured data for various search tasks. The goal of this Workshop is
> to bring these communities together to focus on the central question
> of how to make these solutions applicable to Web search engines. The
> central theme of the workshop is to explore new and novel ways for
> exploiting explicit representations of entities and the relationships
> between them to improve Web search.
> Important Dates
> Workshop proceedings will be published through the ACM Digital
> Library, with associated tight production deadlines:
>  * February 23rd 2013: Workshop paper deadline
>  * March 13th 2013: Workshop paper notifications
>  * April 2nd 2013: Workshop paper final copy
>  * WWW2013 Conference: May 13-17th 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
>  * Workshop day: May 13th 2013.
>  Topics
> Three main directions of semantic search have emerged. The first is
> the use of structured data to augment traditional web search results
> and the search results page. The second is to use the structured data
> to directly deliver results to search requests and to answer
> questions. The third is to use knowledge about a domain to affect
> ranking of results. This workshop targets all these directions of
> semantic document retrieval and semantic data retrieval but puts
> special emphasis on the web search context. Possible topics for
> submission include, but are not limited to:
>   * Structured data for Web document retrieval
>   * Entity/relation aware document and query models
>   * Entity/relation aware matching and ranking
>   * Use of structured data for building vertical search engines
>   * Web data retrieval
>   * Searching structured data with textual queries
>   * Novel applications of structured data to augment search results
>   * Evaluation methodologies
>  Submissions
> Workshop papers should be submitted by Feb 23rd 2013 using EasyChair
> (we are 'dish2013' there), see
> <https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=dish2013>
> The organizers can be contacted at dish-workshop
> organizers@googlegroups.com in case of technical issues with the
> submission process. Due to the tight schedule, please don't ask for
> extensions!
> Organization
> We invite posters and papers of max. 6 pages presenting new ideas
> for how structured data can be used in search, preferably with working
> demos. Accepted papers will be published as part of the International
> Conference Proceedings Series (ICPS) of the ACM Digital Library.
> We plan to accept 8-12 papers and organize a full day event, roughly
> half devoted to each of the two approaches. Each session will have a
> significant time set aside for discussion. There will also be a poster
> session. Attendance will be open to the public (via WWW2013 Workshops
> registration <http://www2013.org/registration/>). We plan to have one
> or two invited talks.
> Advisory Board
> * Krisztian Balog, NTNU, Norway
> * Charlie Jiang, Bing, USA
> * Steve Macbeth, Bing, USA
> * Pavel Serdyukov, Yandex, Russia
> * Alexander Shubin, Yandex, Russia
> * Arjen P. de Vries, Delft University of Technology, Holland
>   Program Committee (in progress - awaiting confirmations)
> * Vineet Gupta, Google, USA
> * Alon Halevy, Google, USA
> * Edgar Meij, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
> * Eric Miller, Zepheira, USA
> * Libby Miller, BBC R&D, UK
> * Srikant Ramakrishnan, Google, USA
> * Gerhard Weikum, Max-Planck Institute, Germany
> * ...
>   Contact: dish-workshop-organizers@googlegroups.com
> See also previous workshops in the SemSearch series (2008-2011) and
> the JIWES 2012 workshop.
> <http://km.aifb.kit.edu/ws/semsearch11/>
> <http://km.aifb.kit.edu/ws/jiwes2012/>
> For more on the location, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rio_de_Janeiro
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