Re: markup on <body> tag

Your markup is inline with the Microdata specification

Relating the Blog with the LocalBusiness item should be done by 
specifying a property (itemprop).  If the blog is the blog of Atma then 
you should use one of the authorship properties such as "creator". This 
way you can also distinguish the blog creator from the  authors

Would you need more example visit We also provide 
services to extract the semantic annotations as RDF data.

-Adrian Giurca

On 2/13/2013 1:13 AM, Joshua Wulf wrote:
> We're currently working on a to triples parser. How do we handle this:
> I have a Wordpress blog site [1] with a plugin. The plugin puts this into the body tag:
> <body itemtype="" itemscope="" class="home blog" data-twttr-rendered="true">
> Inside that body I have an address that is marked up with LocalBusiness:
> <div itemscope="" itemtype="">
>        <span itemprop="name">Atma Yoga</span>
>        <span itemprop="description">Yoga studio in the Brisbane CBD.</span>
>    <div itemprop="address" itemscope="" itemtype="">
>       <span itemprop="streetAddress"><strong>1st Floor, 99 Elizabeth Street</strong></span> <span itemprop="addressLocality"><strong>Brisbane</strong></span><br>
>       Phone: <span itemprop="telephone"><strong>0458 108 008</strong></span>
>    </div>
>     </div>
> So the LocalBusiness item occurs inside the body tag.
> Two questions:
> 1. Is this valid?
> 2. Does it imply semantically that the LocalBusiness item is somehow an attribute of the item identified in the body tag, the blog?
> - Josh
> [1]
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