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Let me repeat this a different way...(smiles with sigh)

We are trying to get a better definition for the property, "number of
pages" in a book and not be as vague as we have in the past to help data
alignment in general with this property.
We know that "number of pages" differs and depends on who you ask and the
industry practices.
We know that a volume is not a book, and vice versa.
We know that folks will likely use this property to sort, or filter out
books that are longer or shorter... for instance, finding a short book
about 10 pages on a topic, versus having to read a 1,000 page tome on the
subject. (especially when the subject is something like "ways to slice a
loaf of bread" :-)  yes, I'm joking, but not really, this is a use case)

Given the above, a good start on a better definition for this property
might be then ? :

Original: "numberOfPages - The number of pages in the book

Questions that have been asked in the past about the above property:

Does it including intro pages or not ?
I'm a publisher... does this property account for all the pages between the
outer binding ?  like blank pages also adding to the total count ?
I'm a librarian...does this property hold the total integer count of all
the numbered pages between the binding, but not including blank pages,
since they don't count AND including any introductory pages, because we
count those also, but we do not add them to the total count of pages (we
put intro pages into a separate property usually, and use roman numerals ?
I'm a student...I don't know where any of my books are  :-)

A. "numberOfPages" - The total number of pages in the book, exclusive of
any introductory pages or blank unnumbered pages.

B. "numberOfPages" - The total number of numbered pages in the book,
inclusive of any introductory pages.

Do you have a preference for A or B ?  better or worse ?  (given that
counting blank pages in the total, like publishers sometimes do, is outside
the use case for most readers, and internet searches)

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