Marking up quotes that relate to known Freebase topics/people

Hi everyone,

I run a quotations site called and this might appear a newbie question, for which I apologise.

I have previously requested a "quotation" a unique ( type which appears to be pending:

Unrelated to this, I have now disambiguated and know freebase unique entity ID's for the following two object-types on my site (painstaking!):
Each author e.g. "Mark Twain". URL on my site: with Freebase ID:
Each topic e.g. "Hope". URL on my site: / with Freebase ID:

In fact, first generated that “Hope” topic and linked it as a “quotation subject”.

In both cases, the problem I have is referencing the author and topic properly:

- Firstly with the right ( markup for both author and topic (please send examples)
- Secondly, how do I link the author and the topic to Freebase i.e. declare this page has quotes about the entity Mark Twain

How do I achieve this markup, while also referencing existing Freebase entries which I know?

Is it better to make top-level references to Freebase or to Wikipedia in the long-term?


Received on Friday, 6 December 2013 00:00:21 UTC