Re: Proposal for new type : Vocabulary

Bernard's proposal reminds me of the discussion that we had in the 
schemaBibEx group about non-URI identifiers, and the need to say:

1) this is an identifier
2) this is the issuer of the identifier (or some code or string that 
identifies the identifier type)

id: 12345768/h3 1996
idIssuer: USGPO [United States Government Printing Office]

It's a different case, yes, but a similar structure. I would think there 
might be other similar examples.


On 12/3/13 12:04 PM, Thad Guidry wrote:
> Yes Bernard, that helps clarify...thanks!
> +1 for <>   (and with
> Bernard's very thoughtful definition of WHAT a vocabulary now means in
> the 21st century)
> I dispose on others to think about your suggestions and reply back in
> this thread and let's see what they think.
> --
> -Thad
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