Yandex Testing Tool supports JSON-LD

Hi all,
I'm happy to say that Yandex has added JSON-LD support to its markup validator. You're welcome to check it here:
Our main goal is to provide webmasters with simple and fast tool for checking markup on the webpages. We've already supported all the popular syntaxes such as microdata, rdfa-lite and microformats. JSON-LD becomes more and more popular and is used in different products (e.g., Yandex.Islands, GMail Actions, etc). Together with all partners we understand our responsibility to help webmasters with learning new language.
Since our first goal is simplicity we're not so strict in "context" requirements (unlike great instrument here: And we're still looking for better approach for expanding terms: right now we don't expand them explicitly in the output.
I'd be happy to hear your feedback and wishes.
P.S. More about Yandex testing tool here: 
P.P.S. Pls, take into account that in order to check JSON-LD you need to put it in <script> tag (since this is how it should be embedded into html).
	<script type="application/ld+json">{
	  "@type" : "CommunicateAction",
	  "instrument" : {
	    "@type" : "EmailMessage"

	  "handler" : {
	    "@type" : "WebHandler",
	    "url" : ""


Received on Monday, 2 December 2013 13:47:42 UTC