Re: emergency/crisis/disaster schemas

On Thu, 28 Nov 2013 16:08:26 +0100, Paola Di Maio <>  
> I searched the site for 'emergency management' , to see if
> something exists already, and found various references
> but none in particular that stands out as a working shared reference for
> Emergency Management information exchange
> If indeed this is the case, and this needs doing

I believe it is, and it does. Emergency response is something that the Web  
has proved useful for - although we need to be careful about when we're  
really making improvements to the world, because getting it wrong in such  
situations has pretty serious consequences.

> we would like to put to good use the conceptual framework developed at
> eiif XG [1] some time ago from which a schema which has been tested for
> consistency can easily be extracted as a starting point/

> If anyone on this list is interested in this topic, please come and
> contribute to this effort via the EM information W3C community [2], we  
> have started thinking in this direction


> [1]
> [2]



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