Re: Proposal to add dateExpires to JobPosting

The PRISM (Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata) [1] 
metadata is extensive and may have terms that are useful. For example, 
its vocabulary of genres has an extensive list of terms.

The PRISM term related to this particular discussion is 
"expirationDate". It would also be best to avoid the past tense for the 
date of publication, which can be in the future (as in lists of 
forthcoming books or articles). That may be less likely for job 
descriptions but many notices are issued as embargoed until a particular 
date (after all, Apple must create those adverts well ahead of the 
dramatic launch of their products :-)).


On 10/26/12 8:30 AM, Michael Hopwood wrote:
> In a sense it doesn't matter what the property name is; it could be "publishedDate" and "expiryDate". That would mean about the same in all versions of English (context and connotation notwithstanding ;)
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> Just an observation.  MediaObject contains an 'expires' property.  Perhaps - for the sake of consistency - that name would be appropriate here as well.
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