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Thanks - validThrough has a slightly broader meaning from "expires". For instance, it can also be used for indicating availability periods of object for rental, like a car, boat, or hotel room. When applied to the offer, "expires" may be as good as validThrough or validUntil. But when you want to refer to the end of the actual availability of the object, expires does not fit, as far as i can tell, because the hotel room does not expire, but its availability ends.

So validThrough was (back in 2008) an attempt to find a broadly valid term for the end of a period of time that affect the availability, eligibility, or validity of something.

As for renaming: It would be doable to rename the property now, but it has been validThrough in GoodRelations for more than four years now, which are eons in Web vocabulary usage, so why break the system for a questionable goal. After all human-readable labels are language, and language always has some cultural, temporal, spatial bias.

Also note that the frame-based approach of (i.e. the fact that properties are tightly bound to a certain type), I do not think it is a big issue to keep expires and validFrom at this point.


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> Just an observation.  MediaObject contains an 'expires' property.  Perhaps - for the sake of consistency - that name would be appropriate here as well.
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