Re: Breaking news: GoodRelations now fully integrated with!

On 8 November 2012 22:43, Guha <> wrote:
> Thank you Martin for the great collaboration. Look forward to more.
> And on our side, it was really Dan Brickley who did the work. Thank you Dan.

Well in fact it was Cenk Gazen who did the hard and interesting work
on the side (and Martin of course for the epic editorial
work around GR). But a few words on the site-internal RDFa system now
in passing, as it is also progress in its own right:

This latest build of uses a different approach to previous
updates. Earlier versions (apart from health/medicine) were relatively
small, and could be hand coded. With Good Relations, the approach we
took was to use an import system that reads schema definitions
expressed in HTML+RDFa/RDFS and generates the site as an aggregation
of these 'layers'. In other words, is built by a system
that reads a collection of schema definitions expressed using W3C
standards. The public site is also now more standards-friendly, aiming
for 'Polyglot' HTML that works as HTML5 and XHTML, and you can find an
RDFa view of the overall schema at

I'm really happy to see Good Relations go live, and look forward to
catching up on the other contributions that are in the queue. The
approach will be to express each of these in HTML/RDFa/RDFS and make
some test sites on Appspot that show each proposal 'in place', and in
combination with other proposals. Since schemas tend to overlap in
coverage, this is really important for improving the quality and
integration of as we grow. While it took us a little while
to get this mechanism in place, I'm glad we now have this
standards-based machinery in place that will help us scale up the
collaboration around

Thanks again to all involved,


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