Possible values for MediaObject playerType


In schema.org, the MediaObject type [1] includes the "playerType"
property defined as "Player type required—for example, Flash or
Silverlight". I read this property in relation to the "embedURL"
property since it is a "URL pointing to a player for a specific
video". On top of classic players provided by third parties such as
Flash or Silverlight, there are a couple of meta-possibilities that
come to mind:

a) <iframe> player
Youtube, Vimeo and other video providers typically return the URL of a
player that should serve as the "src" attribute of an "iframe"
element. The actual player used depends on the capabilities of the
device that makes the request. It might be an HTML5 player or
something else.

b) oEmbed player
The embedURL could be an oEmbed URL [2] that returns the appropriate
info to embed the content, again typically based on the capabilities
of the device that makes the request. It is not always possible to
expose a more direct URL to a player.

c) <script> player
In some cases, the embedURL could be the URL of a script that renders
the appropriate HTML snippet that plays the video. This is typically
what Ooyala returns [3].

In all cases, how would you mark such media content?
Would it be appropriate to use the embedURL property and set the
"playerType" property to "iframe", "oEmbed", "script" for instance? If
so, while leaving that list open for extensions, should these values
be specified somehow to ensure consistency among content providers?


[1] http://schema.org/MediaObject
[2] http://oembed.com/
[3] http://www.ooyala.com/support/docs/player_api

Received on Thursday, 29 March 2012 14:17:22 UTC