Re: Marking micro-blogging status messages?

Hi Dan,

2012/3/15 Dan Brickley <>:
> 2012/3/14 François Daoust <>:
>> Raising this again as I haven't seen reactions one way or the other.
>> I see that Will Norris asked a similar question shortly after my first email:
>> [[
>>  - how would folks recommend representing a short textual creative work like
>> a twitter post?  CreativeWork doesn't seem to have a place to put the body
>> of the post, so would that then require the use of Article (so you can use
>> articleBody)?  I guess for something like a tweet, you could potentially
>> put the full message into the description of a generic CreativeWork, but
>> that doesn't seem to work as well for longer posts like Google+ supports.
>>  By the way, is there a general rule of thumb that folks are using for the
>> maximum length  a description value should be.
>> ]]
>> Should I go ahead and document in a slightly more formalized way what
>> I described below to represent micro-blogging messages? Or do you
>> believe that the problem is already solved using existing classes?
> Thanks for your persistence!

You're welcome ;)

> We agreed last week to go ahead with the Comment proposal. As part of
> this it will add a 'text' property to the CreativeWork class. See
>  : "Add a 'text' property to the
> CreativeWork class, whose value is the Text of the work (and hence of
> the comment); loosely analogous to the 'audio' and 'video' properties
> of CreativeWork."
> Would this help with your use case here?

That was my initial thinking as well and the reason why I waited for
the discussion to reach a conclusion but I'm not sure if that's

1. A "Comment" is very generic. Given how familiar micro-blogging
status messages have become, I'd like a way to distinguish them from
e.g. blog comments. In other words, I'm looking for a dedicated type.
This could be a subtype of "Comment".

2. I was more leaning towards re-using properties inherited from Thing
whenever possible. As such, the "name" property sounded like the most
straightforward place to put the status message, instead of using the
"text" property. That point is probably not a big deal though provided
there's a bit of documentation somewhere that explains how to flag
such messages correctly.

All in all, my proposal would be to add a first subtype to the newly
created "Comment" type to mark micro-blogging status messages, using
the "text" property to flag the actual message. The subtype name could
be "Status", "MicroBlogging", or any other name that people may find
more suitable to associate with these messages.


> Dan

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