Re: espn/google sports vocabs, first pass and questions


My quick 2 cents on the Status vocab itself:

> 8) Status vocab (p.14)
> This vocab seems fairly generic and applicable beyond just sport. Could it
> be generalized? FWIW, here is the full SportsML enumeration:
>                        <enumeration value="pre-event">
>                        <enumeration value="mid-event">
>                        <enumeration value="post-event">

Hmm, actually, I think the above 3 would be some kind of sub-event
categories I would say.  It might be preferable to have a separate
SportsEvent property called "Category" ? For sub-classifying the
SportsEvent into a sub-event type.  This will actually be quite useful in
the Motorsports domain, as well as your general Athletic events as well.

>                        <enumeration value="postponed">
>                        <enumeration value="suspended">
>                        <enumeration value="halted">
>                        <enumeration value="forfeited">
>                        <enumeration value="rescheduled">
>                        <enumeration value="delayed">
>                        <enumeration value="canceled">
>                        <enumeration value="intermission">
>                        <enumeration value="if-necessary">
>                        <enumeration value="discarded">
The rest above do seem like more actual "statuses" and I think would use
the SportsEvent "status" property as proposed currently.


Received on Tuesday, 13 March 2012 03:46:39 UTC