Re: Comment versus UserComments

On 8 March 2012 21:46, Sandhaus, Evan <> wrote:
> This all sounds great, I like the idea of a text property.
> Quick question though - will the articleBody & reviewBody attributes be removed/deprecated?
> As this would require changes to The NYT implementation and the IPTC rNews documentation, I suggest that we not remove/deprecate these properties.

Thanks for the review, Evan. In general I don't think "deprecate" is
something we'll ever be doing much of around here. Once we've
encouraged the public to adopt some markup, I think we have to accept
that it'll be "out there" indefinitely. At some point certain things
will probably get marked as 'old fashioned' (archaic), or as synonyms
for a more preferred form. But it's important to respect when markup
is published in good faith, and not expect publishers to be constantly
updating content to the latest preferred vocabulary flavour. The
general approach of is to try to make things easy on
publishers, even if this pushes some burden onto consumers (e.g. the
search engines).

So if we introduce synonyms and generalisations, the burden is on
consumers to accept both variants, rather than on publishers to update
all their content.

Seeing your subsequent exchange with Will, it sounds like marking
these a 'synonym' may work here. It's not core to the proposal but
seems worthwhile, to improve our documentation on how all these
similar-sounding properties relate to each other.



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