Re: Comment versus UserComments

I like text also. Sounds we're very close to agreement.
On Mar 8, 2012 5:22 AM, "Thad Guidry" <> wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 11:12 PM, Jason Douglas <>wrote:
>> Good points.  Pointing to Thing for a text value seems inconvenient, but
>> maybe shortening contentText to "text" (rather than "content") would be the
>> most clear and parallel, so: CreativeWork/audio, CreativeWork/video and
>> CreativeWork/text?
>> -jason
> +1 to Jason's idea.
> If you think about all the possible ways that humans can express
> themselves or their feelings... Doing it that way would cover the 3 basic
> forms of human expression.  But unfortunately the 4th one, "art" itself is
> missing a high level placement under CreativeWork/ as well... where
> Painting and Sculpture could be placed downstairs on the schema...but I
> guess that's ok.  And the 5th one, "gestures" (which would include Sign
> Language or simple Neanderthal hand poking) is interesting in itself if it
> ever appeared on the web. But those would probably take the video form)  By
> the way, Music as a human expression could be considered mapped under
> CreativeWork/audio.
> CreativeWork/text  (I like it)
> CreativeWork/audio
> CreativeWork/video
> CreativeWork/art
> CreativeWork/gestures  (probably never needed, and not generally
> considered a CreativeWork but a communication form.)
> --
> -Thad

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