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On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 3:23 AM, jean delahousse

> Hello,
> 1 - Do you think Event could be enriched with an "about" property ?
> This would enable to better qualify the Event, as it is done for
> CreativeWork
> it would also solve the following point :
> say "Festival de Cannes 2012" is  about the concept of "Festival de
> Cannes" and not a sub event of "Festival de Cannes" concept
In Freebase, we solved this by having a Recurring Event type in addition to
just an Event type, to allow linking to many Event instances that might
occur under a Recurring Event.

In your use case, "Festival de Cannes 2012" is an Event type (an instance)
of the Recurring Event "Cannes Film Festival" like so:

Recurring Events themselves happen in nature.  Cyclic monsoons, or Haley's
comet approaches, or even your own heartbeat, for that matter.  So having a
separate type for Recurring Events solves many, many problems such as this,
in my opinion, and also allows developers to extend the schema under
whichever Event type (Recurring Event or Regular Event) is appropriate for
their domain, a scientist that has to report structured data on annual wind
pattern changes in the Arctic, or a Marketing Agent for the Festival de
Cannes that has to cope with both types, where he has to promote within
scheduled individual Events, as well as annually for the "Cannes Film
Festival" Recurring


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