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(Afraid I haven't time at the moment to go through the history
properly, so if this point has already been discussed, please ignore)

I looked at the Event construct with a view to potentially reusing it
in the context of projects. But there's a slight problem: Event is
associated with a time and a *place*. While in practice it may still
be possible to use the term without assigning a place, it seems a
little untidy.

There is already a bit of messiness as it stands: an Event could be a
meeting, right? In what Place does a teleconference or Hangout happen?

I think it would be desirable to redefine Event solely as something
that happens at a particular point in time, allowing the term to be
reused much more widely. I don't believe this would break any current
uses. YMMV as far as logical interpretation of terms is
concerned, but in one universe at least, decorating a time-only Event
with a Place seems a lot more sensible than assigning a time+place
Event a null place.



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