Re: Last Call for Comments ... Re: proposal for updates to

1. I find the markup for periodic events too verbose. I would propose a 
property of class Event
periodicity:Number - the number of units as repetition period.

The issue is with "unit" which can be any time unit such as second, 
minute, hour, day, week, ... but I believe it should be in accordance 
with startDate and endDate values.

2. eventCategory might be a This way it 
may have expected type URL

All the best,
- Adrian

On 2/29/2012 8:50 PM, Dan Brickley wrote:
> On 24 February 2012 16:39, Dan Brickley<>  wrote:
>> I've just posted another draft proposal in the W3C wiki,
>>  From the wrapper text there,
>> "The proposal comes from the Google teams working with the existing
>> Event markup, and has been checked by the other partners
>> prior to publication. See PDF for full details of the proposal."
>> * "Proposes 3 new properties of Event: eventStatus, previousStartDate,
>> previousEndDate to support canceled or rescheduled events.
>> * Adds eventCategory to support categorised events.
>> * Supports recurring events by making startDate and endDate repeated.
>> * Encourages use of existing 'url' property (of Thing) to link to
>> associated Web pages."
>> Feedback as ever welcomed here or in the Wiki.
> OK, we didn't get a lot of discussion on this proposal. It has had
> some review elsewhere and is based on implementation feedback on the
> earlier deployed vocab so I suggest we wrap this one up quickly.
> Consider this a last call for comments on
>, where btw the phrase 'Last
> Call' doesn't have the formality associated with official W3C
> standards. Rather it means, "hey, we're expecting to update
> based on this draft Real Soon Now and welcome your comments". Thanks
> for any feedback :)
> cheers,
> Dan

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