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JobPosting specialCommitments property

From: Aaron Bradley <aaranged@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 15:41:00 -0700 (PDT)
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To: Public Vocabs <public-vocabs@w3.org>
The property "veteranCommitment" found in the Nov. 2011 draft of http://schema.org/JobPosting has since been changed to "specialCommitments" to allow for greater extensibility (both prior and current versions have the expected property type of "text").

Great, but the description for this property is this:
Any special commitments associated with this job posting. Valid entries include VeteranCommit, MilitarySpouseCommit, etc.

"Valid entries" suggest that there are invalid entries, yet this is a text type.  Worse, there's an "etc." at the end.  Where do I find the other valid entries?  Where's the list?  I'm 99% that's a rhetorical question, because I'm 99% no such list exists.

If there is a "valid" entry it begs the question what's an "invalid" entry?  If I'm an employer with a special commitment to hire a First Nations person ("American Indian" for those in the US), is FirstNationsCommit valid or invalid?  And is this US Dept. of Labor instruction referencing a valid or invalid specialCommitments property (it is in the "wrong" case, per this property's conventions) - this property value declaration, by the way, being required in for this type of USDL job posting:

Element: specialCommitments
Type: Text
Description: You must include the tag    "summercommit" here

In summary, the phrase "valid entries include" should not be used in relation to any property unless what constitutes a valid or invalid entry is defined.  If no definition or list of valid property values is available, "valid" is nonsensical adjective and should be removed.  In the case of specialCommitments this edit would, at least, make sense:
Example entries include VeteranCommit, MilitarySpouseCommit, etc.

[1] http://www.dol.gov/summerjobs/employers-step2b.htm

Aaron Bradley
Received on Thursday, 14 June 2012 22:41:29 UTC

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