Re: author vs. creator

On 30 April 2012 21:58, Martin Hepp <> wrote:
> If I remember correctly, that comes from the rNews integration, because in some contexts, "author" is too narrow a word for the individual that created the piece of creative work.

Yup, as others have said, it was part of the rNews integration. We
should improve the documentation; I don't think it's terrible to have
both expressions.

The modern Dublin Core now has 'creator' rather than 'author', I
believe due to do the 3rd DC workshop back in 1996, see report ... since it
doesn't feel quite right to talk about the 'author' of an image. The
label for
used to still include the word 'author', but it doesn't any more.

In that sense they're not 100% synonyms but I think treating them
'interchangabely' [er, thanks, we'll fix the typo] makes sense.


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