Re: How to describe a page elsewhere?

On 27/04/2012 12:27, Jean Delahousse wrote:
> Hello all,
> Annotating external web ressources or non web ressources based on 
> <> would be very useful and enable great 
> new services for search engines.
> A question : does google or bing would use those annotations even if 
> they are not embedded in the ressources itself?

hello. I think that it's fairly clear that you can describe non-web 
resources using since there are resource types for people, 
events, books etc. etc. This is a bit different to the case I was 
talking about because the web page acts as a sort of proxy on the web 
for the resource: you want people to be able to find the web page that 
contains the mark up because it has information about the off-web 
resource, whereas the case I had was a web page describing a resource 
that was also on the web. Technically there's no difference, I guess, 
but the handling by search engines might be different. A complicating 
factor was that there might be cases where one would want to say 
something about the page carrying the description that was different to 
the page being described. If you don't want to say anything about a page 
carrying a description of an off-web resource then I don't think you 
have a problem.

As to how to do it (answering my own question) *if* you want to say 
things about the page describing the resource and the resource itself, 
I'm inclined to think that creating two top-level items might be safest 
(I mentioned two options before, this is option 3).  Hopefully neither 
will get ignored in favour of the other, as might happen if one were 
relegated to being the object of an about statement. But this is based 
on theory & guess work rather than any knowledge of actual practice.

If you're interested, the three examples are viewable at


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