Re: External Enumerations mechanism

On 25 April 2012 16:04, jean delahousse <> wrote:
> Hello,
> Just to be sure, you say it is not possible to express this :
>  <p vocab="" resource="#manu"
> typeof="Person wiki:Programmer"> .
> whith microdata as microdata does not support multiple types ?
> It is too bad because it exactly answers the needs a) to use high level
> classes inside to have a shared classification, b) to be able to
> use any external vocabularies to get a more detailed or more domain oriented
> description.

That's my understanding, e.g. per

(these also show some hacks and partially usable approaches, e.g.
using properties called 'type' or itemref, but also why this is a hard
problem given microdata's current design)


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