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Re: Need for a new type Activity

From: Martin Hepp <martin.hepp@ebusiness-unibw.org>
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2011 09:23:47 +0100
Cc: public-vocabs@w3.org
Message-Id: <A163AEEC-EC74-4042-81DE-AC9FD5A0CC59@ebusiness-unibw.org>
To: Thad Guidry <thadguidry@gmail.com>
you are right that some Wikipedia lemmata are not sufficiently disambiguated, e.g. you typically have one page for a plant and no separate ones for its fruits, seeds, leaves, or other parts of separate interest.

My proposal, however, does not critically depend on Wikipedia/DBPedia identifiers; you could use any external URI representing the respective entity. So Freebase is of course as good, if not better.



On Nov 3, 2011, at 7:06 PM, Thad Guidry wrote:

> Oregano (the ingredient that can be further classified as an herb) is actually the "dried" leaf of the plant "Origanum vulgare".  (speaking from a Cookery Domain).  But Schema.org does care about all that... but Freebase does and if your building a website around the Cookery domain, then perhaps you would are also: http://www.freebase.com/view/en/oregano
> As Martin correctly states, reach out to other Vocabularies and Ontologies to help you extend Schema.org.
> What Schema.org can do to help, I think, is have MORE best practice examples on the site to show HOW to extend.
> -- 
> -Thad
> http://www.freebase.com/view/en/thad_guidry
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