Charters are now stable and under formal review

The W3C Members are now invited to formally review a proposal for a W3C
Activity on Video in the Web:

Three charters are proposed:

Timed Text Working Group

Media Fragments Working Group

´╗┐Media Annotations Working Group

It is expected that this activity will be significantly revised in the
near future to implement additional steps mentioned at the workshop [1]:

      * Codecs and containers
      * Best practices for video and audio content

Although we have a draft charter for a Best practices Group [2], we are
still actively investigating the video codecs situation and therefore
would like to work on them further before starting a formal review. We
decided to request review of a smaller proposal rather than wait

I can't reiterate enough the importance of video codecs for the Web, so
it's definitively a bit lack in the current proposal. We're still
looking at this and trying to come up with a path forward...

Btw, I tried to address all the comments sent to this list. If you don't
think that one of them was addressed properly or at all, please accept
my apologizes and make sure to respond to this message by pointing them
out. I haven't thoroughly track all the comments so it's possible that I
missed it, even if I addressed all the others in the same message. And I
happened not to follow your recommendation, you'll get at least an
answer from me. 


Received on Thursday, 3 July 2008 12:21:36 UTC