For reference: Proposed Video on the Web Activity

   W3C organized a workshop on Video on the Web in December 2007 in
   order to share current experiences and examine the technologies (see
   [12]report). Online video content and demand is increasing rapidly,
   becoming omnipresent on the Web and the trend will continue for at
   least a few years. These rapid changes are posing challenges to the
   underlying technologies and standards that support the
   platform-independent creation, authoring, encoding/decoding, and
   description of video. To ensure the success of video as a "first
   class citizen" of the Web, the community needs to build a solid
   architectural foundation that enables people to create, navigate,
   search, and distribute video, and to manage digital rights.


   The general scope of the [13]proposed Video on the Web activity is
   to provide cohesion in the video related activities of W3C, as well
   helping other W3C Groups in their effort to provide video
   functionalities. In addition, this activity will focus at
   implementing the next steps from the W3C workshop on Video on the
   Web. The proposal is to create 3 new Working Groups around Video on
   the Web. Please, have a look at the following documents:
    1. [14]Activity proposal
    2. [15]Media Fragments Working Group Charter
    3. [16]Media Best Practices and Guidelines Working Group Charter
    4. [17]Media Annotations Working Group Charter


   We welcome general feedback, general expressions of interest (or
   lack of!) and comments on the discussion list


   If you should have questions or need further information, please
   feel free to contact me as well. I will be presenting the activity
   proposal during the Web Conference next week, on [19]Thursday



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