Re: CSS test: Possible bug or intended?


If I understand well, you use the task "Check CSS Style Sheets". This 
task only calls the CSS validator, so the results should be the same 
between the latter and Unicorn. Did you select the right profile in the 
options of Unicorn before checking the document?

Can you give us a URL to the CSS you are trying to check.

Thank you,

Matthias Mauch a écrit :
> I know that the property "border-radius" is part of CSS3 and with
> I can switch to the CSS 3 profile
> and all is correct.
> Now I test the same CSS file with Unicorn's CSS test. I get follow:
> Error: Line 31 : Property border-radius doesn't exist
> Is this a bug or is this intended? 
> Why do I ask this? In the same CSS file the CSS3 element "text-shadow"
> is used and pass without error. I know, that the "text-shadow" was for
> many time part of CSS 2, then was moved to CSS 2.1 and now is part of
> CSS3.
> Why do Unicorn's CSS test accept "text-shadow" and "border-radius" not?
> Matthias
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Received on Saturday, 18 November 2006 22:12:00 UTC