Call for Consensus to request transition of TTML1 3rd Edition to Proposed Recommendation

This is a call for the Timed Text Working Group to establish that we have consensus to request transition of TTML1 3rd Edition to Proposed Recommendation based on the draft at when the following preconditions have been met:

1. The Implementation Report is complete and demonstrates that we have met the CR Exit Criteria.
2. The pubrules checker and link checker are (or can be, on publication) satisfied.

There are no open issues against TTML1 3rd Ed PR milestone (other than one requesting creation of the PR version prior to publication) and the only open pull request is the one that prepares the PR branch, i.e. the one that builds the version linked to above in this message.

If there are no objections raised within our decision policy review period, i.e. by Wednesday 26th September, then I will declare as Chair that this is a Resolution.

Please raise any issues on the spec in the normal way on the GitHub repository.

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