Re: Processor Profile, Content Profile and codecs

Hi both, and indeed all,

As Chair I need to schedule the sessions for the agenda, so please let me
know as soon as you can if you have any constraints on timings for
specific topics as listed at

Since we have quite a lot of topics to discuss and have discussed content
and processor profiles at length before, and have ended up with a complete
specification in TTML2 that as far as I can tell does everything that
anyone has asked for, I'd like to keep the time on this topic relatively
short and focused on specification proposals please. Bear in mind that
encoders and packagers are important but so are other components in the
chain e.g. validators.

Andreas, since you raised this thread, if you are able to propose any
specification changes that would be really useful.

I'm happy to separate out the topics of TTML2 specification and the
Profiles Registry into different sessions if that helps.


On 20/10/2015 17:00, "Cyril Concolato"
<> wrote:

>Hi Andreas,
>Le 19/10/2015 12:04, Andreas Tai a écrit :
>> Therefore I propose to set this topic on the agenda for the next f2f
>> meeting at TPAC on 29./30.10. 2015.
>As I'll be at TPAC, I'd be happy to attend this discussion. But the TTWG
>meets at the same time as the HTML Media TF which I want to attend too.
>I don't know yet when I'll be available.
>Cyril Concolato
>Multimedia Group / Telecom ParisTech


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