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>Hi all,
>Le 01/10/2015 18:40, Nigel Megitt a écrit :
>> PROPOSAL: Draft a WG Note describing the profile short name
>>     registry and updating the IANA media registration, based on
>>     what's in the current profile registry wiki page plus the
>>     addition of the codec parameter to the existing TTML media type
>>     registration.
>>     nigel: Does that address Cyril's concern about using the codec
>>     profile?
>My concerns were that:
>a) if the registry is a note, it should not contain normative material
>b) the registry does not confuse people by redefining what MPEG defines
>c) the use of the identifier would be beneficial even outside of MPEG
>files, in particular for plain TTML over HTTP.
>a) has been addressed by some clarifications that Mike made.
>b) is partially addressed as the 'stpp' row is still there.

Just to be clear, what further action is needed to completely address b)?

>c) is addressed by the IANA update.
>>     mike: Yes, without going into all the details, the RFC is out
>>     of date, but we can independently
>>     ... proceed here with tidying up, to resolve any public use or
>>     adoption. Cyril is concerned
>>     ... more globally about non-W3C infrastructure issues. We can
>>     solve ours locally.
>I'm not sure what this means, which RFC you are talking about or what
>you mean by "non-W3C infrastructure issues".

This was intentionally vague for the minutes. We can discuss offline if
you want to know more.

>FYI, the next MPEG meeting is at the end of October. Can the Note be
>published by then? In any case, can I ask that the group makes a liaison
>to MPEG informing about that Note so that MPEG can decide on using it
>for defining its codecs parameter?

If we have a version of the Note ready in time then I'd be happy for us to
send a liaison to MPEG.

If we do not have a version ready in time then we could at least send a
liaison to MPEG informing them about our intended approach.


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>Multimedia Group / Telecom ParisTech


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