Re: [TTML2] tts:{width,height} rename

Maybe inlineLength and blockLength to avoid the width/height confusion?


On 27/01/2015 15:27, "John Birch" <> wrote:

>+1 on the yikes.... !
>I understand the intent to reduce confusion, but like David I'm not
>convinced this helps...
>( **If** I was to make a proposal it would be more along the lines of
>inlineWidth and blockHeight ).
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>it’s nice if the terms are readable.  Linewidth and Lineheight have some
>… recognition, albeit mostly in writing systems that use horizontal lines
>assembled into vertical blocks.
>ipd and bpd are directions, not measurements, aren’t they? and they don’t
>exactly roll off the tongue or leap to mind in terms of recognizability
>> On Jan 26, 2015, at 1:01 , Glenn Adams <> wrote:
>> The use of width and height as writing mode relative properties is
>>confusing. Change their names to ipd and bpd, abbreviations for inline
>>progression dimension and block progression dimension, respectively, and
>>document convention that width and height (as well as horizontal and
>>vertical) are always absolute and not writing mode relative. The only
>>exception being that 'height' in lineHeight remains writing mode
>>relative, i.e., specifies the nominal bpd of a line area.
>> Change image to use tts:extent instead of the former tts:{width,height}
>>in order to use absolute axes in expressing explicit image dimensions.
>> Addressed above comments in [1].
>> [1]

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