Re: [TTML2] tts:{width,height} rename


it’s nice if the terms are readable.  Linewidth and Lineheight have some … recognition, albeit mostly in writing systems that use horizontal lines assembled into vertical blocks.

ipd and bpd are directions, not measurements, aren’t they? and they don’t exactly roll off the tongue or leap to mind in terms of recognizability

> On Jan 26, 2015, at 1:01 , Glenn Adams <> wrote:
> The use of width and height as writing mode relative properties is confusing. Change their names to ipd and bpd, abbreviations for inline progression dimension and block progression dimension, respectively, and document convention that width and height (as well as horizontal and vertical) are always absolute and not writing mode relative. The only exception being that 'height' in lineHeight remains writing mode relative, i.e., specifies the nominal bpd of a line area.
> Change image to use tts:extent instead of the former tts:{width,height} in order to use absolute axes in expressing explicit image dimensions.
> Addressed above comments in [1].
> [1]

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