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>> (Still trying to understand box region / size in combo with before/after and the difference between start and left / end and right)
> if you could ask specific questions, i could answer them

<region tts:extent="80% 80%" tts:origin="10% 10%" tts:displayAlign="before" tts:textAlign="center" xml:id="topCenter"/>

<region tts:extent="80% 80%" tts:origin="10% 10%" tts:displayAlign="after" tts:textAlign="center" xml:id="bottomCenter"/>

Well, i don't get the 'before' and 'after' . I take it there is a box in the center of the image with 10% border not used for text. But what does 'before' and 'after' mean?

Assuming the ID's are meaningfull, 'before' means 'align top', and 'after' means 'align bottom'.  Am i right?

>>So my question, is there any software player out there (preferrably Windows) that can read the TTML files and display titles the way they are intended?

>i understand that IE10 and IE11 can display a subset of TTML; i understand there is some development work underway on a java based TTML presentation engine, but hasn't yet been posted in public (but will be sometime in >the next few months)

It certainly does not work as expected in my last (simple) tests....

>>As for Netflix, they clearly specify that they use a proportional font, but on the other hand a line can only have 42 chars, no matter the content.
>>Isn't that a bit strange?

>not really, since number of characters (glyphs) relates to readability

Oh no! complexity of the text relates to readability. You're not a translator, are you?
A double negative takes way more time to understand than a few simple long words. Chars per second is just a rule of thumb, has nothing to do with the acutal readability.
The total amount of text may be way less than a full page (84 chars), but it's not always you can divide the text over two lines.
(Eg two speakers in one title, and even when it's only one, you want to have your line break on a specific spot. Being hindered by a 42 char limit while there is space enough in the image is im(not so humbly)o just a waste of money (it takes a lot of time to find alternative words that do fit) and time.



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