Change Proposal 21 review

Below is my input on Change Proposal 21 [1] per  AI #365 [2].

- ISSUE-229. The SMPTE liaison [3] shows an example where the width of
the horizontal character group is larger than the width of the
bounding box of the associated vertical characters. Under
"tts:textCombine" (as referenced in ISSUE-219), the latest ED [4]
states that "the tts:textCombine attribute is used to specify a style
property that determines whether and how multiple nominally
non-combining characters are combined so that their glyph areas
consume the nominal bounding box of a single em square." Is the ED
consistent with the SMPTE liaison?

- ISSUE-231. Did the editor respond to the last question on the issue?

Looks good to me otherwise.


-- Pierre


Received on Thursday, 22 January 2015 06:46:29 UTC