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Dear Glenn, all,

Am 17.12.2015 um 20:01 schrieb Glenn Adams:
>         atai2: For example, EBU-TT-D, which is a subset of IMSC, also
>         prohibits the ttp:element and the ttp:attribute. If they were
>         required in the
>         ... document then it would be impossible to make EBU-TT-D a
>         subset of IMSC, so EBU is fine with this.
> Our review of the EBU-TT-D specification indicates there is no such 
> prohibition specified.

I think with "review" you refer to an off list exchange about this 
topic. I can only confirm what I said in the meeting yesterday and also 
in that exchange: the EBU-TT-D spec was specified in a way to not allow 
any other TTML vocabulary in a EBU-TT-D instance than explicitly  
specified. The ttp:profile element and the tt:profile element are not 
specified and therefore are also not allowed. The XML Schema for EBU-TT 
Part 1 or EBU-TT-D would give you a validation error if you would 
specify these or other vocabulary in an EBU-TT-D document.

In your reading there is no restriction on the EBU-TT-D document model 
on the authoring side and in consequence there would be no difference 
between TTML 1 and EBU-TT-D document. This is NOT the case. EBU-TT-D is 
vocabulary subset of TTML 1.

If you read it the other way than there is a misunderstanding and from 
EBU groups side we may have to see how we can avoid this kind of 
misreading of the spec in future publications.

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