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ISSUE-189: do regions scroll their flowed content? [DFXP 1.0]

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Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2012 15:15:06 +0000
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ISSUE-189: do regions scroll their flowed content? [DFXP 1.0]


Raised by: Mike Dolan
On product: DFXP 1.0

TTML 1.0 is silent about the presentation processor behavior when text is flowed into a region and exceeds the region boundary due to <br>. One might infer from the silence and the clipping discussion that scrolling does not occur. However, the SDP-US Example 5 implies that regions scroll - the region is named "rollup" and the body text says "this could go on all day".  If regions do not in fact scroll, then a "roll-up" example would need to be constructed very differently.

TTML 1.0 region behavior needs to be clarified when the flowed text exceeds the region boundary; and depending on the answer, the SDP-US Example 5 corrected.
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