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RE: ISSUE-189: do regions scroll their flowed content? [DFXP 1.0]

From: John Birch <John.Birch@screensystems.tv>
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2012 08:22:24 +0000
To: Sean Hayes <Sean.Hayes@microsoft.com>, Glenn Adams <glenn@skynav.com>, Michael A Dolan <mdolan@newtbt.com>
CC: Timed Text Working Group <public-tt@w3.org>
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This email trail has become a classic illustration of why **examples** of ‘how to implement Scrolling behaviour’ are necessary in TTML, SMPTE-TT and CFF. ;-)


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P Before printing, think about the environment

From: Sean Hayes [mailto:Sean.Hayes@microsoft.com]
Sent: 29 September 2012 10:13
To: Glenn Adams; Michael A Dolan
Cc: Timed Text Working Group
Subject: RE: ISSUE-189: do regions scroll their flowed content? [DFXP 1.0]

You would want to set the region to tts:displayAlign=’after’ so that the later added lines have the effect of pushing the earlier lines out of the top. The br
S are un-necessary here as we have an implied line break because of the p. One could do the same thing with spans and br.

Then to do a multiple scrolled region:

<.div region=’afterformattedregion’>

<p begin=”1s” dur=”3s”>first line</p>

<p begin=”2s” dur=”3s”>second line</p>

<p begin=”3s” dur=”3s”>third line</p>


From: Glenn Adams [mailto:glenn@skynav.com]<mailto:[mailto:glenn@skynav.com]>
Sent: 29 September 2012 01:17
To: Michael A Dolan
Cc: Timed Text Working Group
Subject: Re: ISSUE-189: do regions scroll their flowed content? [DFXP 1.0]

On Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 11:42 PM, Michael A Dolan <mdolan@newtbt.com<mailto:mdolan@newtbt.com>> wrote:
By way of example so we’re clear on the timed flow, the following TTML into a 2-line-height region:

<p begin=”1s” end=”3s”>first line</p>
<p begin=”2s” end=”4s”><br>second line</p>
<p begin=”3s”><br>third line</p>

Would result in the following text over the time periods shown:

first line
<blank line>

first line
second line

no; the <br/> would result in the second <p> would produce

first line
blank line (from <br/>)
second line

so visually you would have

first line
blank line

second line
third line

no, the <br/> would produce a blank line before second line, so visually you would have

blank line
second line
[not visible blank line]
[not visible third line]


why you are inserting <br/>?

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