[minutes] 20090821 Timed Text teleconference

  Timed Text Working Group Teleconference

    21 Aug 2009


    Andrew_Kirkpatrick, Plh, Sean Hayes, Frans, Glenn
    Geoff, David

Open issues


Glen: I need to look into it in the new few days.


Sean: one minor thing on the time codes.
... in section 10.4, [...] we need to ban frames in that case there is
no frame mode
... "If the governing time mode is clock, then time expressions must be
interpreted as equivalent to wallclock time expressions in [SMIL 2.1]"
... frames wouldn't mean anything in that case

Glenn: if you specify a frame count, it could be interpreted that way

 ACTION-39: Glenn to clarify last sentence in section 10.4 in the
case of frames [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2009/08/21-tt-irc]


Sean: also in section 10.4, define what is meant by related to the
associated media time line.

Moving to PR or CR?

Sean: anything else before moving to PR?

Glenn: can we make technical changes during PR?

plh: no substantial technical change during PR

Glenn: we might need to make changes to the dynamic flow algorithm
depending on feedback

Andrew: our challenge is to ensure that we have dynamic flow support by
having examples.
... we're lacking tests
... do we have additional examples?

Glenn: my basic concern is whether to go to PR and what happens if we
have some changes to be done.
... we added a new parameter named time duration

Philippe: I suggest to move to CR then
... we'll get the test suite and test reports straight during CR
... we're looking for REC in mid october then

 Glenn and Andrew volunteer to produce tests

Glenn: I'm updating the tests to add profile information
... since basic profile is so minimal, we need to specify the features
in use

Andrew: would be nice to make the tests quicker as well, don't have to
wait 10 seconds.

Resolved: we're moving DFXP 1.0 to CR

Media fragments

plh: Media Fragments is asking for a review of their draft. We're a
timed medium, so that's relevant to us.

Sean: I'll review it. others should feel free as well.

HTML5 video element

Sean: captioning is still one of the issues that needs to be addressed.
... we could treat timed text like a video codec, ie reference the file.
... but since they don't have the smil features, there is no
... I'll look into this as part of the WAI/HTML TF

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