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[transition] PR Request for Web Share API (Thursday, 24 November)

[transition] FPWD Request for JSON Web Signature 2020 (Tuesday, 22 November)

[transition] WIP: CR Request for Web of Things (WoT) Architecture 1.1 (Tuesday, 15 November)

[transition] FPWD Request for RDF Dataset Canonicalization (Monday, 14 November)

[transition] First Note request for CSS Snapshot 2022 (Friday, 4 November)

[transition] CR Snapshot Update Request for CSS Values and Units L3 (Thursday, 3 November)

[transition] PR Request for CSS Box Model Level 3 (Thursday, 3 November)

[transition] FPWD Request for Verifiable Credential Data Integrity 1.0 (Wednesday, 2 November)

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