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[transition] Request for update of Note Responsible Use of Spatial Data (Wednesday, 26 May)

[transition] CR Request for DOM Review Draft — Published 15 June 2020 -- shortname: DOM (Tuesday, 18 May)

[transition] CR Request for Performance Timeline -- shortname: performance-timeline (Monday, 17 May)

[transition] CR Request for User Timing -- shortname: user-timing (Monday, 17 May)

[transition] CR Request for Resource Timing. resource-timing (Monday, 17 May)

[transition] FPWD Request for <Specification for Spoken Presentation in HTML> (Friday, 14 May)

[transition] FPNote for Cookbook formulae for audio equalizer biquad filter coefficients (Monday, 10 May)

[transition] FPWD Request for WebGPU and WebGPU Shading Language (Monday, 3 May)

[transition] CR Snapshot Update Request for Page Visibility Level 2 (Monday, 3 May)

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