Use of the definition of "tracking" in compliance (ISSUE-203)

We spent much of today’s call on one of the few remaining open issues on the compliance document:  how to use the definition of tracking in the document.  I think we are fairly closely aligned on desired outcomes — but there is a difference on how to express that in the document.

Several working group members requested more time to review the options.  On the call today, we winnowed the options from four to two, though if someone wants to argue for one of the discarded options (or another), please do so!

The updated wiki is here:

On next week’s call, I will try to identify what (if any) TCS issues I think we have left to resolve (we won’t have the TPE editors on the call).

In two weeks’ time, I hope we will proposed resolutions on all outstanding TPE Last Call comments.  We will discuss on that week’s call, and talk through what is left to do to move to Candidate Recommendation on TPE.

Received on Wednesday, 24 September 2014 22:24:53 UTC