RE : ISSUE-262: guidance regarding server responses and timing

> I think we need to step back and consider the problem in general.
We have a server that wants to support DNT but is, in fact, relaying
the request to others.  This is a 1:N gateway.  It is not too late for
us to introduce a TSV that says "I am a 1:N gateway, here is information
about me and here is information about my requirements on downstream
recipients; I promise to relay the DNT signal to those recipients and
will relay the final recipient's Tk response to the current request."


The Ad-exchange is sharing the data with third parties and therefore does not respect the DNT signal in the first place. If an Ad-exchange plans to share data about a transaction with a set of third parties it should send a disregard response. I don't see how the "I'm a 1:N gateway" would not be interpreted as "I'm sharing data related to this transaction".


Received on Friday, 31 October 2014 20:13:34 UTC