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> If the problem is enumeration we do have the same-party property in the TSR (where a controller/site can declare its other domains). If we used that then we would not be restricted to subdomains.

we had long discussions over enumerated lists, as I recall, and we were not able to get consensus.  the same-property list in the TSR is informative etc., rather than driving API operation.  we also can’t fetch it at every moment we want to send a DNT header; that decision needs to be fast.

> A JavaScript aficionado might object to the dash but that’s easy to get round and fix if needs be.
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>>> The obvious problem: roughly, you need to be able to set an exception for a
>> group of properties (hosts) from one of them (e.g. from,
>> for all hosts), but obviously not see/set/cancel exceptions for
>> properties that are not ‘yours’. The API operation, and the decision on whether
>> a recorded exception applies in this case (i.e. the decision on what DNT header
>> to send), both need to have a model that achieves this.
>> Unless you enumerate the hosts somehow, but that still does not allow
>> you to get around a dependency... I'm surprised we
>> even want such an API.
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