Re: Use of the definition of "tracking" in compliance (ISSUE-203)

I have a clarifying question to the group:

Would the current text/definitions consider e.g. Google Display Network 
as 1 context?


Justin Brookman schreef op 2014-09-25 00:24:
> We spent much of today’s call on one of the few remaining open issues
> on the compliance document:  how to use the definition of tracking in
> the document.  I think we are fairly closely aligned on desired
> outcomes — but there is a difference on how to express that in the
> document.
> Several working group members requested more time to review the
> options.  On the call today, we winnowed the options from four to two,
> though if someone wants to argue for one of the discarded options (or
> another), please do so!
> The updated wiki is here:
> On next week’s call, I will try to identify what (if any) TCS issues I
> think we have left to resolve (we won’t have the TPE editors on the
> call).
> In two weeks’ time, I hope we will proposed resolutions on all
> outstanding TPE Last Call comments.  We will discuss on that week’s
> call, and talk through what is left to do to move to Candidate
> Recommendation on TPE.

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