Agenda for October 1 TPWG call

[Apologies for the delay. Justin had already sent a brief summary around yesterday and it's just Nick's fault that he didn't send out the formal agenda until this late.]

Shorter call than usual, as our TPE Editors are absent and chairs are in transit. We'll return to TPE Last Call Comments next week. This week, let's talk about what remaining issues on Compliance we need to address.

Compliance product in tracker:
Compliance editor's draft:

Nick (for the chairs)

Confirmation of scribe. Volunteers welcome!
--- Issues for this Call ---

1. Use of "tracking" in compliance

ISSUE-203: Use of "tracking" in third-party compliance

September 10: M2 (discussion)
Do we have a final lists of change proposals?

2. Remaining compliance issues

3. Reminders
Audience Measurement Call for Objections closes October 9th.

4. AOB

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