Re: Agenda for April 30 TPWG call

On Apr 30, 2014, at 5:39 AM, Ninja Marnau wrote:
> Am 28.04.14 19:13, schrieb Ninja Marnau:
>> 5. User agent compliance
>> We would like to take up the topic of user agent compliance as a cluster of closely related issues:
>> ISSUE-205: User agent compliance requirements; connections to TPE
> For an easier overview we will use this wiki page for all text proposals on user agent compliance.
> (I transferred Jack Hobaugh's proposal for ISSUE-227 there, too.)

I think the intention of the first proposal is to mirror the current
text of TPE, but the wiki version was prepared some months ago.
Please update it to the text in

(I'd normally do it myself, but am currently buried under moving boxes.
IIRC, the changes clarified the requirements on extensions).


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