Hi Justin,


Here is our agreed amended text, with reasons now in the plural as
suggested, and also saying they should be listed in the privacy policy. The
non-normative text is expanded to describe the TPE mechanism for signalling
the particular reason (if there are several listed).



A party MUST provide information in its privacy policy listing the specific
reasons for not honouring the user expression. The party's representation
MUST be easy discoverable, clear and unambiguous.


Non normative: In the interests of transparency, and especially if there are
more than a single such reason listed, it is recommended that servers
implement the [TRACKING-DNT] “status-id” mechanism so that the particular
reason for not honouring the user expression is provided. The Tk response
header can contain a status-id field identifying the relevant Tracking
Status Resource whose qualifiers property contains a short token
representing the particular reason. The User Agent can parse this and
communicate the reason to the user.





Received on Tuesday, 6 May 2014 18:14:45 UTC