wrong definition of tracking in TCS

Is the editor going to address this change or not?


On Sep 20, 2013, at 4:20 PM, Roy T. Fielding wrote:

>>  2.9 Tracking
>>   Tracking is the retention or use, after a network interaction is complete,
>>   of data records that are, or can be, associated with a specific user, user
>>   agent, or device.
> As mentioned in the last call for objections, my response to the last
> chairs' decision, and almost every teleconference since this change
> was introduced in the June draft, the above definition is overly
> broad and does not match any of our discussions during or since the
> initial TPWG meeting in Cambridge.  More importantly, it is inconsistent
> with the rest of this specification's requirements in response to the
> user's expressed desire of Do Not Track.
> I see no point in continuing this working group if we cannot immediately
> address ISSUE-5.  However, since that is not a short-term discussion,
> I propose that the definition present in the prior WD be restored.  IOW:
>  "Tracking" is understood by this standard as the collection and
>  retention of data across multiple parties' domains or services in
>  a form such that it can be attributed to a specific user, user agent,
>  or device.
> and that this definition rightly belongs in Section 1 (the Introduction,
> which is currently, incorrectly, and confusingly labeled Scope).
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