Reducing the number of change proposals for ISSUE-5

Hi Team,

we now have 6 change proposals for ISSUE-5 and I suggest to reduce their 

A first reduction that I suggest is to delete option (3) since it is 
superseded by option (4).

Questions that I have:
- What change proposals can be dropped (since other are better)
- What change proposals can be merged? What mergers are proposed
   as a better alternative to existing ones.
- As a supporter/author of a proposal, could you withdraw your
   proposal in favour of one of the other proposals on the list
   (I proposed XX but I now believe that YY also satisfies my requirements).

Note that eventually, we aim at agreeing on a single definition as our 
The fewer proposals the easier this exercise will be.


Received on Thursday, 26 September 2013 21:03:28 UTC