Issue-5 Option C: No Definition

Justin, Matthias,

I want to take this opportunity to clear up some potential confusion that may exist regarding Option C for Issue-5 in the call for objections.

Option C: No definition states: “No definition; remove from Definitions section, rest of document unchanged.”

My understanding is that when this option was first submitted it was to remove the definition from the TCS document.  


As the option is currently worded, that is not clear as “document” could also refer to the TPE.

I would suggest that “document” be changed to “TCS document” for clarity and that a “Document location” section be added to Issue-5 to be consistent with the Issue-10 call for objections structure.

I think these two changes will remove any remaining confusion.

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Jack L. Hobaugh Jr
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Received on Wednesday, 13 November 2013 20:01:58 UTC